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including bank accounts, telephone numbers, addresses and house price purchase details. Not only could this result in a substantial _ine, it could be seriously damaging to the brand as well as its users. Think that’s it? Think on! Your website must also comply with.

2012’s EU Cookie Law. In fact, companies trading within EU member states have had to comply with it since May 2012. So if you’re not already, get your skates on. Cookies help websites tailor future site visits so that the user’s experience is enhanced via relevant adverts, basket suggestions and other personalised content. EU cookie law requires that websites and the companies who own them seek their visitors’ consent before placing a cookie on their computer. So this means asking your site’s visitors to check a box saying that they accept the cookies you have on your site. You’ll almost certainly have experienced this for yourself. The thing is, not all websites have asked their visitors if they are happy to accept their cookies. To date, the ICO has been fairly lenient about this and has only sent out warning letters to non-compliant companies. However, last year, the ICO’s director of data

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